Our Commitment – Your Peace of Mind.

Sustainability is a lifestyle at A Salon Named Desire. From the products we use and our electricity usage policies, to our conversations and our atmosphere, we are conscious about people and the planet in everything we do.

Experience your personal best at A Salon Named Desire, the first sustainable salon in Cincinnati. 

Healing Atmosphere
At a salon named Desire, we strongly believe in the healing power of low VOC full spectrum paint. There are other wonderful brands available on the market now, but we continue to subscribe to Ellen Kennon’s wonderful paints to further enhance our ambiance of holistic well-being.

Products & Packaging
The products we use at A Salon Named Desire are carefully researched and reviewed to ensure they meet our Sustainable and cruelty-free standards.

Organic and Pesticide Free
All coffees, teas, and treats sold or served at a salon named Desire are purchased locally, guaranteed fair trade, organic, and pesticide-free. We reuse all dishes and glasses to reduce waste.

Support Local

We Make Our Own
That which we can’t find locally, we make!
Items such as our laundry and cleaning products are made right here in the salon!

Energy Efficiency
From our pedicure steamer to our major appliances, not only do we use the most energy-efficient models possible, but we also follow energy-saving techniques to further reduce our carbon footprint.
Some of the ways we reduce our footprint include:

  • High-Efficiency washing machine and dryer
  • Energy-Efficient solar screens for our windows
  • LED light bulbs
  • High-Efficiency pedicure steamer
  • Turning off all lights and appliances at closing

Recycled & Re-Used
As much as possible, we recycle and re-use products. Our toilet paper, tissues, and hand towels are recycled and from unbleached sources, and we never use paper towels! In addition, we continue to purchase previously-loved furniture and shelving.

No matter what it is, if a product involved animal testing, we won’t use it. A Salon Named Desire very carefully reviews every brand we may be interested in stocking or using in our salon. But it’s not only hair and skin products that we check. From towels to food – we make sure our vendors are cruelty-free. Some of the brands we use and sell include Davines hair color and hair treatments, shampoos, conditioners, styling products etc., Kevin Murphy shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products, and Anevolve Control Zero hair-smoothing system.

We also pay close attention to the packing, packaging and shipping practices of the companies we do business with. All these companies practice Sustainable packing and packaging (as in shipping) as well as recyclable packaging materials. Our team also works with our community and neighbors to recycle our boxes that we receive from all of the products that are shipped to our salon.